Gallery-Viewer is based on the pay-per-use principle. That means there are no regular payments needed. You only pay for the services you really use. All used services will be collected in your user account. We will automatically generate a bill at the end of each month which can then be payed using PAYPAL.

Prices for online galleries

Feature Duration 3 months Duration 6 months
Included Included
Social Media Integration
Select for album
Hide images for guests
Customizeable Appearance
Embedable Login
Download Functionality
+ € 1.00
+ € 1.00
Contact sheet PDF
+ € 1.00
+ € 1.00
Price excl. FAT
€ 5.00
€ 9.00

iOS App for iPhone and iPad

All online galleries can also be accessed using the optional iOS app for iPhones and iPads with the same user accounts.

The app allows your customers to browse threw all images and also offers the possibility for a slideshow and the album selection. The album selection is automatically synced so your customers can always continue using the online gallery. The app will be adjusted to your corporate identity by integrating your logo and your colors. The app will then be committed to Apple and will then be available for all iOS devices from the Apple App-Store.

Optical adjustment of the app
€ 399.00

After the creation of your app you will be only charged an annual fee for the App-Store.

Annual fee for App-Store
€ 99.00

Online Print-Shop Commission

The integrated print-shop allows for creating your own print products like photo prints or canvas prints. All images of all your galleries can then be orders as these products right from the galleries.

The order-management tool was created to give you the confidence to always stay in touch of the status of all your incoming orders.

Sales commission net

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