Are there any limitations on the file size or number or files for a gallery?
No! You determine how many images and which resolutions you provide.

The largest preview images in the gallery view are 900x600 pixels so it is a good idea to adjust the image size during your export accordingly to save upload time. If you provide larger images, we automatically generate a smaller preview to optimise download time for the website viewing and the iOS app. You still might provide larger images if you are going to use the download function. With the download function we will always provide your original images for download so the preview images we generate are only used to view the images on the web gallery and the iOS app.
How can I add images to an existing gallery?
Yes, you can always add or remove images from any gallery.

Just login to your backend and under configure galleries select a gallery. Under images of this gallery you can add and remove any image.

Caution! All images will be sorted by filename. You can easily add in image in the list of current images by adjusting the filename accordingly.
How can I use the social-media integration?
You can activate and deactivate social media sharing for every gallery you create. This way you can adjust each gallery to the wishes of your clients if you like.

Gallery-Viewer has a direct connection to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Each image of each gallery can be shared on each of these platforms. If one of your clients uses the function to hide an image for the guests, this image can not be shared anymore.

You can define the standard text for sharing in your settings section. You can also define your Facebook site and twitter name which will be used when ever an image is shared.

Gallery-Viewer generates a separate site for each image that will be shared. This site is presented in your defined CI, a link to your Facebook site will be integrated as well as a link to your website and your copyright information. If you delete an image this site will also be removed - this way you can stay in control of all your images.
How does the Apple iOS app work?
The iOS-App is the ideal add-on to the web application of Gallery-Viewer. In a first step our software developers adjust the appearance of the app to your corporate identity by creating an individual app-icon, a start screen with your logo and by integrating you CI-colors to create an individual look and feel for your app.

Next the app will be submitted to the Apple App-Store and will then be downloadable to all iOS devices for free.

You customers can then use the same login information as they use for the web galleries. All your galleries are automatically accessible from the your app. When they login they can browse threw the images, watch them as slideshow and even select their favorite images for their album. The album selection is automatically synced with the web application so it does not matter where you start to select and where you continue.

The guests of your couples can also use the same login information to browse threw the images and even select their favourite images for an individual best of slideshow.

Of course we also integrated social media sharing in the app - only if you have activated social media sharing for your galleries the images can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter using the app.
How does the customisable appearance work?
The optical appearance of your galleries at Gallery-Viewer was designed to be individually adjustable. You can find these options in the settings section. By changing three images for the left, the right and the top area, and by defining some colors you can adjust the look and feel to the CI of your regular website.

We even provide a couple of templates which make it easy for you to start from.
How does the download feature work?
The download feature will always allow to download your originally provided files.

You define which file size, resolution, color space you provide and if you use any watermark or not.
How does the image selection for the album work?
Every image of a gallery can be selected for the album. The view can be switched between all images and only selected images. You can additionally define a date due to which the selection for the album needs to be finished.

You can access the selected images using you backend as a proof sheet as PDF file.
How does the order-management-system work?
The integrated print-shop is intended to create additional revenue for your business. To always keep on track of the state of each order, we added the order-manegement-tool to your backend.

The order-management-tool is the perfect place to see the state of each order you get. You can access the address of your customers, the details of the order, the items purchased, the formats of the prints, you can mark the payment as received and the order as shipped. This way you can easily keep track of your orders.
How will I be charged when using Gallery-Viewer?
The registration at Gallery-Viewer is free and we will not ask for any credit card information.
We only charge for the services you use. This might me galleries you create or additional features you activate. If you use the integrated print-shop we will also charge an commission for all incoming orders. All these items are collected in your billing area (see you backend). We will generate a bill for each month you use Gallery-Viewer which can be downloaded as PDF from your billing area. You will additionally get an email which includes a notice to pay. The amount is due to pay with PAYPAL as soon as you get the bill.
What is the hide images for guest feature?
The main goal of Gallers-Viewer is to spread the word and let many people see your images in order to get you name out. With that it might happen, that a clients does not want to share images of personal or intimate moments.

The function "hide image for guests" allows each of your customers to decide which images shall be hidden for other visitors and only be viewable by them selves. This way you don't need to take any action but your customers can manage the images them selves.
What is the Print-Shop?
With all you galleries you present a lot of images to all your customers. If you use the guest login feature, you can even increase the audience for each gallery. This way you create a big potential for additional sales.

The automatically integrated Print-Shop offers the possibility to create individual print products and every single image of all your galleries will instantly be order able as print product. Gallery-Viewer offers a fully functional shopping cart, handling of shipping payments, handling of credit card payments using PAYAL and an order-management tool which allows you to keep track of all incoming orders.

It does not matter if you want to sell canvas prints or simple photo prints, you can create the products you want and define the prices you like and have you print-shop online within minutes.

Gallery Viewer and Album Viewer are tools for professional photographers
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