You can configure your own products at your own price range. From photo-prints to canvas-prints, you can configure product categories and add any formats you like.

All images in all your galleries can then be ordered as prints using the integrated print-shop. You can easily accept credit card payments using the integrated PAYPAL functionality - so you can offer a save and trusted payment method.

We also integrated an order-mamagement-system in your backend which allows for keeping track of all incoming orders the status, etc.. You can mark orders as payed and shipped and therefore get additional help to create additional revenue.
Social Media Integration
The social media integration starts with a configureable like-link (e.g. your website) which will be presented at the bottom of each page as Facebook like and Google Plus. Additionally you can activate social media sharing for each gallery.

All images can then be shard in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We will generate a separate page for each shared image including your logo, your copyright information and a link to your website.

So start sharing your images using this great feature and collect a lot of likes!
App for iPhone and iPad
All you galleries can also be accessed using your iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Our app will be individually adjusted to your corporate identity - your logo, your colors. There will be now sign of Gallery-Viewer.com but you will get your own app in the Apple app store.

Your clients can install the app directly from the Apple app store and use the login information from the online gallery. All images will be presented in a list but they can also be viewed in a full screen mode. We even added a slideshow feature to let your clients view the images over and over again.

Additionally the couple can select their favorite images for their album using the app. Existing selection from the online gallery can be continued and the other way round. Guest can also select their favorite images to create a shorter slideshow of the best images.

You can find an example iOS app here: NHP iOS App
Image selection for album
With this feature your guests can select their favorite images for their album. It does not matter if they use the online gallery of the iOS app, the selection will always be synced.

You can limit the album selection progress by a customizable date. If that date has passed no further selection will be possible. You can then generate a contact sheet including image previews and filenames of all selected images in your backend which makes it easy to create the album.
Download Functionality
The optional download functionality allows for downloading high resolution images piece by piece.

You can choose the downloadable site yourself as we will always allow to download only the original image you provided. This way you can choose and control the image size, compression, color space, etc..

We will only automatically generate lower resolution previews which will be used to generate the gallery, the PDFs and the iOS app.
Hide Images for Guests
Every now and then a couple might not want to share every emotional and personal moment on the pictures with all friends and family.

We created the 'hidden for guests' feature specially for this case. With this feature your couples do have the control to decide which images are visible for everyone and which ones are not. This way all images are always visible for the couple itself and they can freely choose which moments should be private.
Contact sheet PDF
With this optional feature you and your couples can generate a contact sheet as PDF file containing all images in the gallery.

The PDF file always includes your logo (as long as you have uploaded one) as well as a copyright information with your name and your website address.

If this option is activated your couples can also generate a contact sheet of the images selected for their album.
Customizeable Appearance
The optical appearance of your galleries is individual configureable according to your corporate identity - colors, logo and even screen design elements.

Besides the typical colors you can also configure the image on top of each page (eg. including your logo) as well as the images left and right of the functional content in the center. This way you can totally adjust the optical appearance of the galleries and the login pages.

Additionally there are several templates available which you can use or start from there.
Embedable Login
We also offer a completely embeddable login which allows you to guide all your customers directly to your website and they will be directed to the gallery after logging in.

You can configure this login area in your backend by selecting colors. The automatically generated code can be integrated to your website by using copy + paste. It just a singe line of code and everything will work fine.

Together with the adjustable optical appearance of the gallery itself you can create a complete experience where every peace will totally look like it was made specially for you!

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