• Integrated Print-Shop incl. ordermanagement-system
  • Direct Social Media integration
  • All galleries can also be accessed via a iOS App for
    iPhone and iPad
  • Customers can hide images for guests
  • Optional image selection for album
  • Optional download functionality
  • Optional contact sheet as PDF
  • Complete optical adjustment to your CI
  • Enbedable login for your website
  • Multilingual: English and German

No periodical payments
Pay-per-Use principle

Free registration

Free test-gallery
What Gallery-Viewer can do for you
Gallery-Viewer is a professional tool from photographers for photographers which as mainly developed for wedding photographers.

Gallery-Viewer allows you to create online galleries for your customers by ease. All images can then easily be shared with friends and family.

Reach a larger audience by sharing your gorgeous images with all wedding guests! Gallery-Viewer offers a separate user account with special functionality.

You can use Gallery-Viewer for any other occasion as well!

The difference:

In contrast to other tools Gallery-Viewer offers the possibility of two separate user accounts for each gallery:
  1. One user account for the bridal couple which allows for the image selection for the album, as well as image download and hiding images with intimate moments for guests
  2. The second user account for the guests of the couple, which allow for watching the images and to share them on social media
The main goal for the development of Gallery-Viewer war to combine the requirements of photographers and customers to one great tool. That is why Gallery-Viewer offers a complete optical adjustment to the photographers corporate identity, an integration of the gallery login on the photographers website and full control over all functions and galleries.

Additionally Gallery-Viewer offers a fully integrated Print-Shop which allows for creating customized products like photo prints or canvas prints. Each image can be ordered right from the online gallery with the included online shop. You can accept credit card payments using the integrated PAYPAL connection and stay in touch of the status of all orders with the integrated order management tool.
iOS App for iPhone and iPad

Bring your online galleries on
millions of iOS devices!

Slideshow, albumselection all inclusive
Integrated Printshop

Sell you print products online!

Fotoprint, Canvas print what ever you prefer
Integrated Album Selection

Here your customers can easily select
their favorite images for their album!

This feature is available in the
online gallery and the iOS app
Optical Appearance

Adjust the optical appearance of your
galleries individually according to your CI!

Color, images, logo, everything is editable

Gallery Viewer and Album Viewer are tools for professional photographers
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